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Busting the Beauty Myth with Thea and Veruschka

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Please join us for an online healing workshop beginning October 9th designed to heal the pain we all carry around the idea of beauty. 

Do you have too much beauty?  Do you have to make yourself small in order for others to feel comfortable?  Do you have to shroud yourself to avoid being perceived as a sex object? 

Or do you suffer from the sense that you’re not beautiful enough?  Do you constantly compare yourself to an impossible standard?  Do you believe that many of life’s doors are closed to you because of a lack of beauty?

This course will help liberate you from the limiting belief that beauty should be the central focus of a woman’s life.  Through an exploration of the planet Venus and how it functions in your individual natal chart, you will gain a sense of the higher octave of beauty, its esoteric purpose and how it can serve you instead of robbing you of your energy. 

Every woman knows that the felt experience of being “beautiful” is transient at best.  One crass comment, bad picture, or PMS bloat can disturb any value we derive from our appearance.  Why then are we encouraged to believe that “feeling beautiful” is necessary to our self-esteem?  This class takes the radical position that “feeling beautiful” is an oxy-moron.  If you have trouble feeling beautiful, you’re not broken – the culture is. 

We will share our personal experiences of pain and shame around beauty via prompts posted to the Facebook group.  Then we will tap out these collective wounds using Emotional Freedom Technique.  EFT facilitates the release of limiting beliefs held deeply within the psyche.

The class will also include two guided Full Moon rituals, one attuned to the Taurus Full Moon and inner value, and one attuned to the Gemini Moon and freedom from limiting perception.  This workshop is timed almost exactly to the Venus retrograde period, and will serve as a great way to combat an astrological cycle known for causing many a crisis in self-worth. During Venus retrograde, we can expect to confront the instabilities in our values and any false fronts holding up our self-esteem. 

Purchase workshop below.  Release your beauty shame in a circle of sisters, and step into the true beauty of your deepest joy!


For one payment of $120, you will receive:

* A personalized interpretation of your natal Venus by sign and house placement

* An understanding of where Venus retrograde is most likely to impact you

* Tapping videos inspired by your answers to the discussion questions

* Emotional release around your own personal beauty wound, whether you think you have too much or too little

* Strategies for cultivating Venus attributes that are more satisfying to your soul

* Two guided Full Moon rituals to facilitate healing around Venus retrograde issues (Venus Rx tends to make you feel unlovely and unlovable)

* Last but probably most importantly, unlimited access to Thea and Veruschka, two badass healers, and the other participants via the Facebook discussion group.  The knowledge that we are not alone in our pain and shame is a liberating force - community heals!


Veruschka Normandeau is a Healing Arts Coach, Yogi, and Photographer.  She brings a quality of depth and soul to everything she touches, and lives her life large on the mythic plane, as befitting a triple Leo!  Through her own practice of tapping/ EFT, Veruschka healed herself of chronic pain.  She has used Emotional Freedom Technique to transform both her own life and the lives of her clients.  Having personally experienced Veruschka's tapping sessions, I can attest that she leads you through painful terrain with love and gentleness, allowing for permanent shifts in the way I feel in my body.  

Check out Veruschka's Yoga site here and her flower essence offerings on her shop page!

If you missed my interview with Veruschka, focused around her former career as a fashion model and the question of feeling our own beauty, click here to check it out!

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