Many people have the mistaken idea that astrology is a system which takes away free will by making fatalistic predictions.  As an evolutionary astrologer, my approach is rooted in a deep respect for the client’s autonomy.  Everything that happens to us is a result of the choices we’ve made, in this lifetime or in a past one, and the future is under our control to a great extent.   

Astrological counseling performs a valuable service by putting the client in touch with both opportunities and limitations in the natal chart.  Most of us like hearing the word “opportunities,” and tend to recoil at the word “limitations.”  This is the legacy of the Western patriarchal mindset, which claims that the ego can conquer any situation with sheer determination and willpower.  To quote Robert Bly, “Astrology is the great intellectual triumph of the mother civilization.”  Astrology can put us in touch with those values so often discounted by modern society, such as family, community, spirituality, intimacy, and creativity.  The disease of modern society is an experience of lack and discontent because we don’t personally have it all.  No one ever has it all, because happiness is a function of giving, not having.  When we are sharing our unique gifts with the world, maximizing our opportunities and accepting our perceived limitations and imperfections, we can achieve the elusive state of contentment.  We discover wholeness by experiencing our relationship to the whole of the human family, not by developing our egos in isolation. 

Although there are some exceptions, in general evolutionary astrologers do not make predictions.  If an astrologer tells a client she is going to have a baby this year, for example, the client might make some long-term decisions about her life, career, and relationship to conform to the astrologer’s prediction.  The client is actually deciding to have the baby in this scenario because she gave away her personal autonomy to the astrologer.  An evolutionary astrologer, by contrast, might ask the same client if she has ever thought about having children, and about the state of her marriage and finances.  The evolutionary astrologer will outline various possibilities for the energetic opportunity of children and birth revealed in the chart, which could also manifest as giving birth to a home business or long-range artistic project.


Astrology can awaken you to your unique gifts and strengths, and fire you with the will to fulfill your dreams.  It can help you reclaim and honor your past mistakes, by approaching the Soul's development as a learning process based on natural cycles.  I practice astrology because it is a constant affirmation of the beauty of human difference.  Allow me to reveal to you the song of your Soul.  You deserve to be in touch with your life purpose, and to walk the path of your highest joy!