“As I sail across the oceans of my life, I feel blessed to have found a wise navigator in Thea.  She assists me in understanding the energies, the astrological currents, that sway my journey.  By understanding them, I am empowered to work with the currents and, with greater understanding, to direct my life course.  Thea’s annual reading is an integral part of my life passage.  So happy to have found you, my dear!”

-Reverend Xia, founder and director of the Temple of the Goddess

I got an evolutionary reading, and it was wonderful ... The reading was very deep and specific - and validating. Probably the most useful thing to me so far (because it’s the kind of thing you return to for new insights) is that it helped me to proudly own more of myself ... It was liberating and I’ve had fun exploring new ways to embrace more sides of me, and to be myself more authentically.
— Kate T.

"I have had the pleasure of receiving Evolution and Fore and Aft readings by Thea for over 10 years now; these recordings are precious to me. I find encouragement and support in my journey of self-discovery and empowerment every time I revisit her practical, nuanced guidance.  I gifted my partner a reading recently, and as with my readings by Thea, each listen to the recording yields more valuable information or ‘ah-ha’ moments.  My partner showed genuine astonishment at how accurate she was and inquired what information I had given Thea beyond birthday, time, and place.  I smiled: nothing else, that was all that was necessary. That's one of the many reasons I am a repeat customer.” 

-JM, wellness consultant

“Thea introduced me to astrology over twenty years ago … Since then, her compassionate and erudite readings have become as meaningful additions to my life as quality therapy and medical treatment. Simply, she has found and honed her purpose in life. I feel incredibly lucky to benefit from her wisdom, and am inspired by her courage in forging a business that blends esoteric and conventional knowledge to help people navigate life with as much fervor as possible.”

-Sarah Heston, writer

Thea is my go-to astrologer! I send my friends and family to her for good, clear, insightful astrology readings. From career and relationships, to health and wellness, Thea will steer you in the right direction. Highly recommended!
— Le'ema, dancer and founder of the Temple of Auset Serpentarius

"I give my highest recommendation for Thea Wirsching.  Her astrology readings are dense, rigorous, and scarily accurate.  I've turned to Thea at many crossroads moments in my life, very high highs and very low lows.  At each point, she was the perfect guide, navigating me through complicated situations with clear-eyed sagacity and personal warmth.  Thea is a walking repository of knowledge about astrology.  Not only does she know a wide range of astrological techniques, she has a sophisticated command of the history of astrology and how this ancient science has morphed and developed over the centuries.  Her doctoral level training in literary interpretation and analysis also enriches the readings that she provides.  She can 'read you like a book' quite literally, and the results are thrilling.  I would certainly suggest all of the services she offers, but the most thought-provoking would be the past-life reading, as it moves to answer deep questions about your life purpose and karmic destiny.  You will not be disappointed."

-Marques R, higher education administration

I decided to book the Evolution reading with Thea for my 40th birthday and my life hasn't been the same since.  Thea analyzed my potential and blocks.  I would describe my experience as coming out of darkness and stepping into light.  I have since gifted readings to dear friends and they have ALL had profound experiences.  Knowledge is power, I wish I had this knowledge earlier in life.  She is a magical gem!

-Ali W., business-owner

I was stunned with your reading - you are so accurate! You are amazing! I have a much deeper understanding of my life’s path. And yes, this was healing - I am now more comfortable with who I am. I am deeply grateful to you.
— Annette

“My current life is a reflection and a direct result of the work I've done since my reading with Thea, as I have used the vision she shared with me to have the courage to take risks where I once held back, and pursue my goals, including traveling abroad for pleasure, accepting greater responsibility and recognition in my career, buying a home of my own, and living a more authentic life without sacrificing my own needs while serving others … I know of no one else in this field better able to tap into the mysteries of the planets and stars, and crystallize this knowledge into practical and accessible intuitive wisdom to help me find the answers I'm seeking about these great questions in life than Thea Wirsching.”

-Monica S. Haynes, motion-picture costumer


"Thea combined her formidable knowledge with her gift of intuition to see beyond the veil of this world revealing the essence of my life's purpose.  Her reading not only helped me resolve shadowy past life trauma - it gave me the guidance I needed to pursue the fulfilling path I am on today." 

-Asha Catman, animist minister & singer-songwriter


“We got readings for our whole family, we had a couple’s one and one on each of us and our four children and my Mom.  Everyone loved them and felt they had a lot of insight.  One of the biggest things for me was the way she shared the information; it made me feel more comfortable with things in me that I had always felt were a little weird.  I loved the reading on the kids because it really helped us understand each of our children better and we felt we could also be better parents with each of them.  The couple’s one was awesome, it showed us how we could better support and honor each other, and gave us great insight into each other.  I am so grateful for the readings!!!”

-Cliff Fisher, chiropractor


“I have had a few readings from Thea and not only did they put my mind at rest, they answered questions and shed light on what was going on in my life … Having someone put astrology into layman's terms so that I can digest the information and utilize it is priceless.  It has been eye opening and definitely helpful in my life and I always look forward to getting another reading, or digging deeper.  I have sent my husband as well as my daughter to Thea to get their own readings because I found it so valuable.” 

-DK, artist and musician


"Working with Thea has been one of the most  pleasurable experiences I have had in my life.  Not only is Thea’s 100% accuracy astounding, each and every word is delivered with kindness, compassion, and love.  Thea delivers each reading in audio format.  Her speaking style is casual and I felt like I was sitting in the park reviewing my past and future with an old friend. Thea not only incorporates the science of astrology in her readings, but she also uses her intuitive gifts as a connection that left me feeling excited, informed, and ready to live the life I chose." 

-Dr. Jo Ruddy


Thea has made a great impact on my healing path. Her readings are profoundly helpful in my everyday life, enlightening for self-examination and full of foresight when planning my year. Her voice is soothing, her explanations articulate, and her heart is deeply caring.
— Kate Becker, owner and creator of Kate's Magik; therapeutic perfumer; singer-songwriter; mystic teacher