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Hi, my name is Thea Wirsching, and I’m so excited you’ve stopped by to check out my page.  I’ve been studying astrology for twenty years and reading charts for clients for fifteen.  I trained with Steven Forrest and took his highest level of certification for Evolutionary Astrology, and I follow the philosophy that the natal chart shows your personal path to positive change and growth.

I live in Long Beach, California, and can see clients in my Southern California office; however, I regularly work with long-distance clients and conduct sessions over the phone or by audio recording.  Below please find five great reasons to work with me.

For information about my literary Tarot deck, The American Renaissance Tarot, please click here.  




1) I’m smart.  I managed to finagle a PhD in occult studies out of a top-rated university and I taught classes at the college level for five years.  I bring all of my considerable analytical power to bear on reading your chart, which not only gives me great accuracy, but also allows me to effortlessly trim both medieval superstition and New Age hokum out of the astrological tradition.


2) I’m tough.  I’ve been through hell and back.  I’ve been hospitalized for suicidal depression.  I’ve battled with anorexia, bulimia, and stuffing myself to achieve a carb coma.  I’ve dated the abusive guys and shacked up with addicts.  I’ve been on an underworld journey with my immune health.  And currently I’m unpacking a family legacy of sexual abuse that was devastating to discover.  Not only am I still standing, I’m happily married with a family and ever more in touch with my sources of personal power and joy.  As my client, you reap the benefit of the twenty-five years I’ve spent consciously pursuing my own emotional healing and growth.  I possess a wide range of skills across a variety of healing modalities to help you battle your demons. 


3) I’m compassionate.  Because I’ve so often felt helpless and hopeless in my life, convinced that painful scenarios were permanent states I was doomed to live out, I understand what it is to be stuck.  I can meet you where you are, wherever you are, without judgment.  You might be in a lot of pain without having undergone an “obvious” trauma or tragedy in your biography, and I understand that too.  Pain is pain, no matter how it got there, and my job is to help put you in touch with the roots of your deepest fears so that you can successfully move past them.


4) I’m choice-oriented.  I have absolutely no agenda for you.  I have deep respect for your autonomy because it’s your life and you have to live it.  The cool thing about astrology is that it confirms over and over that there really are different strokes for different folks.  Working with me is an empowering experience because I will never tell you what to do; rather I will encourage you to explore sources of personal power in the birth chart that you may not have considered before.  But the choice to enact that potential is always yours.   


5) I’m intuitive.  My process in prepping your chart is similar to shamanic journeying; I use the chart to track your energy, like a hunter tracks a deer, until I feel that my arrow has successfully hit its mark.  I ask for 24 hours advance notice for readings so that I have the opportunity to receive information for you in my dreams, and I often experience communications from guides while reading charts.  So your reading with me will not be a dry dissertation out of the astrological cookbook, but rather a full-color, three-dimensional odyssey through the realm of poetry, images, and dreams.