Dream Freedom Beauty!

Hello astrology fans!


I was so honored to have the opportunity to speak with Natalie Ross on her podcast, Dream Freedom Beauty!  Even the name of her show inspires me so much ... 

Natalie asked me about my astrological philosophy, and so I talk a bit about cultivating relationships with the planetary archetypes, and explain why fatalistic astrology is no fun ... She wondered what was blowing my mind lately and so I discussed progressed Moon phases (just whoa).  And then Ceres came on the scene and dominated the rest of our conversation.  I had a laugh to myself after the interview wrapped, because I was having connection problems in my bedroom and had to move my set-up into the living room - right in front of my Ceres altar.  Ceres is a minor planet that I've been exploring with clients in a reading I call the "Food Tour" of your natal chart.  I think of the individual's relationship to food as sort of a stepping-stone to how he or she does self-care, and ultimately the under-valued Ceres-Virgo archetype points us to the lack of meaningful, earth-based rituals in our modern lives ... Check out our discussion below, and click here to book your Food Tour.